Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blog. The begining.

With this small post I begin my narration.

There was 2011 year. The very beginning of spring. The grass hasn't started to turn green yet, and buds on trees haven't bulked up yet, and ruthless D6 has given out to me laconic 6.
In my opinion, I have set uneasy problem to it: to decide, for which armies of a space marines I will play battles of Universe Warhammer 40000.
On 1-3 it would be classic space marines, on 4-6 – Blood Angels.
Usually, it doesn't carry to me with the Six on dice, and in general with all community of great numbers, into which the Four and the Five also enter.
Therefore I have rolled dice and for that short time, which it fell and slightly slid, I have had time to imagine, as 3 is rolled or even less than that, and I collect «vanilla marines», I go with it in our country, and maybe abroad.
And the Six didn't enter into those my "dreams" in any way.

But. Angels mean angels.
Well, I really would not argue with Great D6!


  1. ПОздравляю с началом, надеюсь нам будет интересно.
    Часть моделек уже закуплена или теперь все только начинается?

  2. Спасибо!
    Есть только стартер. Буду закупать по мере надобности и продвижения покраса.